Sunday, 29 January 2012

Alice Duke

Alice Duke has been one of those where I knew her work before I knew her. Her illustration work is fascinating, it deals in folklore and nature and human curiosity using engrossing detail and warm earthy colour. I enjoy her work, I love the mythical creatures and the transformation of the known to the unknown, especially with Exploding Shed at the bottom there, yet overall I can't help but find her work terrifying.

It truly is scary. How many heads does that scaly, hairy, feathered, winged, tangle of serpents need? And how much is the print because I want one!

You can go and check out her coooool website HERE

And you can hit the jump to check out her work with the great unsigned band Cormorant.

The music blog I wrote for for a while, The Number of the Blog, grew close ties with the band Cormorant a band whose blend of progressive black metal, folk and 70s rock is head-spinning and exciting all at the same time. In fact, after my little experiment earlier in the week, I can now show off my abilities and let you stream their new record, Dwellings, right now!:


Listened? Cool. Here is some proper job record reviews, HERE and HERE

Well, Alice Duke did the phenomenal artwork for the record and it eschews the typical size and goes BIG, most suitable for the vinyl release of the record which makes sense as Cormorant are big on their nostalgic. Here's the awful upload Blogger can muster of the artwork:

Now head HERE to actually see it properly... stupid Blogger....

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