Friday, 29 April 2011


That top image is just awesome. I know nothing about, mainly, street art artist INSA, but I spied this on Juxatpoz's website and I thought I had to reblog it. It's also nice that INSA keeps a cool little blog, and that he is quite successful, after some quick reading I see he's been doing some recent visual work for Nike, so if you're a fan of Nike you may know more than me.

The bottom image shows our man has a 'Heel Fetish', and is wonderfully colourful. Streaky abstract colour acting as a backdrop to the refined and toned, and tanned, calf and heel. I do like that image.

Anyway, hit up his blog: here.

EDIT: Blogspot is irritating me again. The top image is a .Gif and is meant to move, but blogspot seems to disagree. Hit here to Juxtapoz to see it properly. Grrrr.

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