Monday, 4 April 2011

James Jean

'Wave II'


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James Jean is a name I found out whilst bored in Waterstones at christmas trying to buy my Pa a Francis Bacon book but got distracted because of all the other shiny art books were trying to make me buy them. Yep.

Anyway, in my fumblings with the hardback books in Waterstones I came across James Jean's cute little book called 'Rifts' which was a fold out book containing two multi-panelled artworks. You can see the two panels in great detail on his website: Side One and Side Two.

As I have said previously, I have grown particularly fond of Japanese art, and Jean's bold use of colour in 'Rifts' and in hand with the theme, obviously plays really well with my sensibilities. The top image 'Waves II' suits this theme nicely.

Whereas, 'Hounds' is bloody creepy, it looks like skinless dogs accompanying a nymph at night. Eek! Both pieces are very different but shows how broad James Jean's range is, but a common thread of the mythic and nature is apparent throughout his works.

Hit up James Jean's website to explore his coool portfolio: here.

A final image Cherub the Great might like after the jump....

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