Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Adrian Samson

'The Monkey'

I'm Runnin'!

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I am ACTUALLY excited by Adrian Samson's photography. I have been pouring over his portfolio on his website for the past hour, just sitting with my jaw hitting the floor. Adrian Samson's images are a delight to view, I don't think any deep concept are sitting behind them, simply put they are just good looking, a real pleasure as a viewer.

The top image, 'The Monkey' reminds me of Jeff Koons' large, loudly coloured, placticky art and is part of a series, whilst the bottom image didn't have a title but I felt "I'm Runnin'" was appropriate. It's part of a series of photographs that shows Samson experimenting with digitally enhancing the images.

I completely implore you to check out Adrian Samson's portfolio on his website it is brilliant: here.

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