Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nick Knight - Numero Magazine Spring/ Summer 2004

Nick Knight is a name which I have heard on various occasions. Mostly people singing his praise. This Fashion Photographer is one of two most significant and successful Photographers to have ever come out of the Arts University College at Bournemouth, (where I am lucky enough to be studying this year and the next three years.)

His first work and book 'Skinheads', published when he was studying at Bournemouth, is what got him noticed. Since then over his 29 year career he has been commissioned by clients such as Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Levi Strauss, Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House and Yves Saint Laurent and many more. He also directed the recent Lady Gaga music video 'Born This Way'.

I simply enjoy his work because it shows imagination, intelligence and creativity beyond any expectation. Something which is odd for me... I show his work not for concept but simply for aesthetics... they look good.


  1. Good looking images are always pleasurable to view, sometimes it is nice to bask in pleasing aesthetics without having to think too hard.

    Has he put out any other books? Is there a site where I can view more of his work?

  2. oh sorry sir... i didnt know how to post the url..:(

  3. Okay, no worries, here's how you do it:

    1. Find the website you want to link to and copy the url.

    2. highlight the word you want to be the hyperlink.

    3. Click the link tool on the toolbar, then paste the url in to the box that appears. Ok it.

    Then it's done. I think we should try to always provide a link to the artist's website, if we forget, just copy and paste the url into the comments section of the post.