Sunday, 27 March 2011

Man Ray

Man Ray is a name that should be known by all - a keen Photographer. He is simply quite odd and quite arrogant. A lot of his work was within the darkroom, creating my all time favourite Photograms. Although he had to take it a step further by naming them Rayographs.... after himself. Anyway enough...enjoy!!

For more of The Ray's stuff click here, here or here.

Thank you


  1. I haven't touched your post. What's changed?

  2. all the links at the bottom...just dont touch!!!

  3. I put those tags in so that if someone wanted to look through all the, say, Documentary photography that has been posted on the blog then your posts will also appear not just mine as I tag mine. It is just a practicality of a blog. If you don't want your posts to be found then I will stop tagging them.

  4. yes please!! i am not wanting people to find it!! if i did i would have done it myself! :)