Thursday, 24 March 2011

Colour Haze

In recent years I made the mistake of not really recognising the beautiful weather we get in Spring, expecting it ten-fold in the Summer, when in reality each Summer has been rather dour. So this year I'm not going to be fooled thrice.

We all have our favourite Summer music; music which I feel epitomises the essence of what Summer is all about. Trips to the beach, hot weather with the sun beating down, a more general laid-back approach to damn near everything, shorts, sandals and sunglasses. What's more, I think music is more pronounced in the daily routine, thus why we have favourite Summer music.

Colour Haze are a desert rock band hailing from Germany who I feel capture this hypnotic daze our general state of mind is in during the Summer. They capture the mirage in the desert and they capture the soft warm glow of the sunset.

Enjoy the above track 'Mind' from their 2006 record 'Tempel' [Elektrohasch Records]....

Listen to more tunes over at their Myspace or on Youtube.

What artists do you listen to in the Summer breeze?

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  1. I dont particularly have a prefered musician for the summer... i just listen to what i am into at the time. i suppose last summer i mostly enjoyed listening to NIN and i suppose The Black Spiders.... if i listened to certain music in the spring or summer whole music taste at that time would go all capoof anf stuff.